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Every city has a culture its what ties populations together. We're committed to working with local talent and advertisers to produce entertaining and informative programing for local media markets. As media becomes more and more consolidated locally produced content is needed more than ever. We specialize in interview, talk show and discussion group formats for broadcast and online audiences. National media corporations are absorbing local stations at an astonishing rate, community programing is being replaced by general market productions.

For a media conglomerate it’s easier and more cost effective to create general content packaged at a single source for distribution to an infinite number of (affiliate) stations. In the process local concerns get lost and small business advertisers have fewer outlets for promotion. Home grown programing celebrates local achievement, informs citizens and provides opportunities for business participation. We feel it's imperative to re-claim the content void. If you’re a local industry professional contemplating a project let’s talk.

There are a growing number of foundations and granting organizations specifically supporting journalist and documentary film makers, most support funding is concentrated on the difficult work of investigating and securing information.

The Digital Direct Partnership Initiative provides pro bono studio access as well as production and post production broadcast support to freelance reporters and independent journalists including local oversight and watchdog organizations. We assist in production support and packaging of news products for broadcast delivery. The Digital Direct Initiative was born out of the understanding that in order to gain attention and achieve audience impact independent reporting must have an industry standard deliverable.

Through the implementation of our "Digital Direct Partnership Initiative", we hope to assist investigative journalist, academics and field experts with the tools necessary to develop and deliver independent multi-platform broadcast programs. We provide an equipped studio set and post production facilities as well as volunteer personnel project matching with media industry professionals when possible.

Quite often when seeking investigative funding it is contingent upon the ability to successfully produce an end product which is packaged to draw viewership. In order to be considered for broadcast independently produced programs must have the same quality and production values as their commercial counterparts.

Digital Direct Partnership

Pro-bono Production Services for Atlanta Journalist and Reporters

Whether you are an aspiring freelancer, an independent journalist or a luminary in the field, in order to make an impact reporting requires a managed production. The mission of this initiative is to provide unaffiliated media professionals with the ability to deliver episodes with the same level of visual appeal of conventional media broadcast, capable of airing on a variety of media platforms.

Program guest or investigative information must be thoroughly vetted with verifiable sources. We can not accept Religious, Political or Opinion Based Commentary with the exception of medical, legal or technological analysis from qualified field experts. We do encourage diversity of thought, however we can not support “point counter point” exchange programs.  While there may be cases where this legitimately applies, recently, and with increased frequency there are those that would use legitimate journalistic platforms as a conduit to intentionally insert falsehoods into the information stream. Accepted projects may consist of on set interviews, anchor presentations or investigations presented in installment format.

The Digital Direct Partnership Initiative: While single investigative reports are welcomed, the initiative is primarily geared towards the production of serial programs that can possibility find a home on independent television stations, a Public Broadcasting affiliate or one of the many budding Internet technologies. Some independent stations may differ in technologies or delivery specifications. If you are a journalist developing for a particular station please submit a Technical Compliance Requirement Sheet along with your request.

Solution Based Journalism

Types Of Projects That We Support


As a practical matter we understand the importance of editorial oversight along with the need to curate the focus and flow of information presentations. However, after nearly 30 years of FCC media ownership deregulation, courtesy of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, we find ourselves in a precarious situation. The level of concentrated media ownership now poses a very real risk to information integrity. The notion of market driven information dissemination often finds its-self at odds with authentic public interest. The reduction in information diversity and the lack of accountability of it's sources can only serve to further erode the public trust in the concept of the free press.

In terms of independent journalism the philanthropic landscape has expanded with many missions now directing their attentions to achieving systemic changes. Philanthropic organizations are investing in avenues to find solutions that address the underlying causes of social disrepair. Nowhere is this more evident than the relationship between the public and the press.

The Final Phase:  In response to the decline of print and locally produced media, underwriting for journalism has increased significantly. Forward thinking philanthropist are hoping to defend and recalibrate the free press as an institution that has been drastically disrupted. In order for many projects to reach the finish line it may be necessary to take advantage of a variety funding sources, some may be issue, geographic or demographically specific. After research, information gathering and editorial construction it’s time to consider your on camera presentation. We assist in that final phase.

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